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Work is undertaken from the ground making the use of ladders in most situations redundant, meaning your privacy is kept and reducing the risk of damage to property. All window cleans include frames, doors and sills. The first clean will be a more intense clean, this will be dependent on the amount of dirt accumulated since your windows and frames were last cleaned. Windows and frames are rinsed, scrubbed, and rinsed again. When this super-purified water is regularly used to clean windows, unlike traditional methods, it leaves behind zero residue, ensuring that your windows remain sparkling clean even longer. Water is run through a reverse osmosis filter then into a deioniser filter which removes all solids from the water. Deionised pure water technology uses no harmful chemicals which makes it 100% safe for you, your plants, pets and the environment. The windows and frames are left to dry to a superb, streak free shine.   Unlike traditional window cleaning, our system not only cleans the windows but the frames and sills EVERY time at no extra cost to you. Your property will not only look better but because corrosive pollutants are being removed on a regular basis this may even reduce your maintenance costs, increasing the life of the window frames. 



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